Mechatronics and servosystems

The Group is involved in research activities in the fields of innovative systems for controlled actuation and of servosystems, in which mechanical, electrical and fluid actuation devices are strictly linked with sensors and control.

Group expertise are addressed to the following areas:

  • design of servosystems and mechatronic devices; modelisation of mechanical and mechatronic systems; analysis to integrate mechatronic components in complex mechanical systems
  • study of methodologies to identify non-collaborative aerospace systems; analysis and design of robotic systems for aerospace applications
  • study of methodologies and system for collaborative robotics and human - machine interaction
  • development of mechanical models for human motion analysis, human motion capture methodologies, development of exoskeletons
  • development of energy conversion systems: design, system analytical and numerical modeling, hydrodynamic development of floating systems, development and design of mooring lines, reduced and full scales prototyping, development of control law addressed to performances optimization, tank testing and site testing, both in sea and lake.
  • design of test-rigs and definition of test methodologies

The skills of the group are applied to the following areas: intelligent servoactuators in aerospace and automotive fields; renewable energy systems; robotic systems and biomechanical applications.

Research activities includes competencies in functional design, static and dynamic analysis of components and systems, simulations and experimental tests.

The activities are carried out in the frameworks of funded projects and R&D collaborations with private companies.