Mechanics of materials and joints

The research activities concern the characterization and modelling of materials, components and structures subjected to static, fatigue and impact loading conditions:

  • Very-High-Cycle Fatigue (VHCF) behavior of materials;
  • Reliability analysis of components and systems and Statistical analysis of fatigue data;
  • High strain-rate behavior of materials and modelling, also at high temperature conditions (impacts, explosions, ballistics, interaction with particle beams);
  • Thin wall structure and foam behavior modelling for energy absorption purposes;
  • Adhesive joint analysis: stress state, strength criteria, environment effects, impact loading;
  • Engineering analysis of endodontic materials and instruments.

Several research activities are carried out in cooperation with the Research Group “Vehicle structure and safety: design, simulation, optimization and tests

Fracture surfaces at VHCF

Mechanical behavior of materials hit by particle beams with very high energy

High strain-rate behavior of materials at high temperature conditions.

Engineering analysis of endodontic files

Strain-gage measurements in double-lap adhesive joints

“Double Cantilever Beam” test on adhesive joint