Business Services

The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering offers research and consulting services to companies, and cooperates with them in developing and carrying out projects.
The activity performed both in terms of design/analysis of the systems under study and by experimental testing on components, systems or prototypes.
The study of systems typically makes use of numerical simulation tools such as finite elements codes, primarily for structures, finite volumes or finite difference codes in fluid dynamics and “multi-body” codes for the analysis of mechanical systems.
The experimental tests assess the performance of materials, components and systems in the mechanical, aerospace, biomedical and pneumatic sectors, also through the use of rigs and prototypes if required. The main experimental facilities include: universal testing machines; instrumentation for measuring strain, acceleration, displacement, flow; fatigue, vibration, impact testing machines; wind tunnels. Cooperation carried out until now has involved companies from the automotive, aerospace, metal, mechanical, railway, textile, automation and biomedical sectors