Research lines

The ongoing research lines are:

  1. VERY-HIGH-CYCLE FATIGUE - VHCF (Resp. Massimo Rossetto): experimental investigation of the VHCF response of metallic materials, by means of self-developed ultrasonic testing machines.
  2. ADHESIVELY BONDED JOINTS (Resp. Luca Goglio): development of design procedures and experimental characterization of adhesively bonded joints subject to static and dynamic loads; study of the effect of the environment on the strength of the joint.
  3. STATISTICAL ANALYSIS OF FATIGUE DATA (Resp. Davide Paolino): development of statistical methodologies able to fit the fatigue data both in the High-Cycle Fatigue (HCF) and in the VHCF regions.
  4. MECHANICAL BEHAVIOUR OF ENDODONTIC MATERIALS (Resp. Giorgio Chiandussi): study of the mechanical response of endodontic materials both in static and in dynamic loading conditions (behavior of shape-memory alloys, numerical models for fatigue life predictions, image processing, design and statistical analysis of experiments).
  5. THIN-WALLED STRUCTURES AND CELLULAR MATERIALS FOR ENERGY ABSORPTION (Resp. Lorenzo Peroni): experimental investigation and numerical modelling of (metallic and plastic) cellular materials and of thin-walled structures for the energy absorption under impact loading.
  6. MATERIAL RESPONSE AT HIGH STRAIN RATE AND ELEVATED TEMPERATURE (Resp. Lorenzo Peroni): experimental investigation and numerical modelling of metallic, plastic and ceramic materials at high strain rate and elevated temperature (impacts, explosions, interaction with high-energy particle beams).

Most of the researches are carried out in cooperation with the research group "Vehicle structure and safety: design, simulation, optimization and tests".