The group carries out research in the field of process ergonomics, intended as the design and management of manufacturing processes to reduce the physical and mental workload sustained by the operator and improve his/her well-being and the system productivity (in the respect of gender issues and of people with special needs).

  • Ergonomic analysis in virtual environment through software packages of digital human modeling (Siemens Jack ) and biomechanical modeling (Anybody Modeling). Mono and multivariate anthropometric manikins.
  • Modeling and experimental measurements for physical workload (posture , force , frequency). Analysis of perception and cognitive processes in work activities requiring the use of force.
  • Methods and tools for evaluating the risk of biomechanical overload in work activities. Standardization activity in ISO /CEN technical committees.
  • Assessment methodologies for cooperative work between man and robot and for exoskeletons in industrial applications.

The group is also active into “human in the loop” simulations for the ergonomics assessments of motor vehicle interior and of aircraft cabin items.