Innovative, Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

The research group develops electric and hybrid vehicles with the intent of reducing the consumption of fuel. Research activities include: drive systems powered by electric motors, thermal engines or hydrogen, modeling and control, structural modeling of aluminum alloys and composite materials, vehicle dynamics in order to increase the performance (from the comfort and handling points of view), complete energetic modeling, tests on track using sensorized vehicles in order to validate the mathematical models, tests in the wind tunnel and mathematical correlation with CFD models and optimization, development of apps and systems aimed at man-vehicle, vehicle-vehicle and vehicle-structure interaction, making of scaled down and full scale systems and vehicles prototypes.

The group uses its knowledge  on research areas that involve the application of composite materials in the automotive fields starting from their experimental characterization (also for structural components) to the multybody analysis for vehicle dynamic, comfort, handling and NVH analysis, to the development of electric and hybrid powertrains starting from energetic models optimization and aerodynamic studies on the virtual wind tunnel.  

The research activity goes on thanks to the capabilities of functional design, static and dynamic analysis of components and systems, simulation and testing.

The group’s activity develops through autonomous research  efforts, collaborations with R&D industry driven, and Regional and European projects.

Among the activities of the research group some vehicles for student competitions, like the Shell Eco-Marathon and the Future Car Challenge have also been made.

The research team benefited from the contribution of "Camera di Commercio di Torino"