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Full Professor

Head of Department (Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
Componente Comitato di Ateneo per la ricerca (Comitato di Ateneo per la ricerca, il trasferimento tecnologico ed i servizi al territorio)
Componente (Commissione Istruttoria di Indirizzo Strategico per la Didattica)
Componente Commissione Revisione Statuto Senato Accademico (Commissione Revisione Statuto 2016)

+39 0110906923 / 6923 (DIMEAS)

Born in Turin on May 17, 1957. Graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin on 25 March 1982. Since 1983 Researcher, then Associate Professor in 1992 and finally Full Professor in 2000.

Since 2015 Director of the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, previously Coordinator of the College of Mechanical, Aerospace, Automotive and Production Engineering. He has had numerous positions on University Commissions.

Over the years he has held various courses relating to mechanical design.

Currently holder of the teachings of

- Tools for product innovation (MSc in Industrial Production and Technological Innovation Engineering)

- Design of experiments and reliability (MSc in Mechanical Engineering)

He is the author of more than 130 papers published in international and national journals or presented at conferences concerning: the fatigue and impact behavior of components, materials and glued joints, structural dynamics, biomechanics.

Currently, scientific interests are mainly focused on Very High Cycles Fatigue of materials and the relationship between life with and internal defects with particular reference to the materials used in additive manufacturing.

(Area 0009 - Ingegneria industriale e dell'informazione)
Identifiers ORCID: 0000-0003-3066-9680