Research Projects


  • fly-by-wire control systems
  • smart actuation systems for secondary flight controls and utilities
  • flight simulator
  • engines controls and accessories
  • prognostic models for systems and components


  • engine mechatronics
    • engine dynamic simulator
    • variable intake control devices
    • timing systems through pneumatic tappets
  • diesel engines turbochargers pressure control systems
  • x-by-wire actuation systems
  • interior compartment conditioning plant
  • controlled suspensions; air springs
  • hydraulic power steering plant
  • noise reduction in oil free reciprocating piston compressors for railway applications
  • balancing and vibrations analysis of oil free reciprocating piston compressors for railway applications
  • faster braking systems for long freight trains
  • control and actuation systems for high speed tilting trains


  • parallel architecture robot
  • high efficiency transmission gears
  • hydraulic and pneumatic servo actuation systems
  • digital and proportional fluid valves with electric control
  • tensioning devices for suboceanic pipes laying
  • sensorization systems integration for process control
  • propagation of structural vibrations through viscoelastic hoses

Renwable Sources:

  • systems to convert sea waves energy to electrical energy
  • self-powered systems using sea waves Energy for monitoring sea traffic
  • dynamic de-coupling systems for wind generators
  • concentration photovoltaic
  • parallel architecture sun tracker
  • vehicle driven air flow Energy recovery


  • sport equipments for disables
  • vestibular apparatus
  • computer assisted neurosurgery
  • neuromotor rehabilitation
  • innovative steering wheel for disable drivers


  • flow rate control system for a coffee machine
  • innovative control systems for chocolate coching