Methods and Resources

The design, analysis and synthesis of mechatronic systems is performed by use of physical models based mathematical simulations. Non-linear mathematical models representative of the physical systems are typically developed to ensure the most accurate simulation results and care is taken in getting the best compromise between model accuracy and mathematical complexity with its associated computational burden. During the initial phases of a new research project it’s customary to develop linear mathematical models in order to extract analytic formulations useful to understand how each specific parameters affects the overall system performance.


  • Hardware-in-the-loop test rigs
  • Hydraulic position/force control test rig
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Complements of sensors and transducers
  • 3 and 6 axes motion platforms
  • BI-axial solar tracker
  • Oriented beams projection rig

Software tools

  • Matlab/Simulink (Real Time Windows Target, XPCTarget)
  • dSPACE Control Development Software
  • Labview
  • Solid Works