Areas in labs / dedicated equipments and facilities

  1. 4 Hopkinson Bars for the dynamic characterization of materials when submitted to high values of the strain-rate
    • tensile, compression, bending and fracture mechanic tests. The equipment can be combined with systems of induction heating for tests at elevated temperatures (up to 1000 ° C)
    • tests on cylindrical and flat (metal sheets, laminates) specimens
  2. Equipment for the mechanical characterization of structural foams
    • Characterization tests with monoaxial, hydrostatic and mixed loading
    • Characterization tests both in quasi-static and dynamic loading
  3. Specific test machines for mechanical characterization of materials and joints at intermediate speed of load application
    • Tensile dynamic characterization tests (FastTens)
    • Compressive dynamic characterization tests (Compulse)
    1. Instrumented Charpy Pendulum both for standard and tensile tests
  4.  CEAST FractovisDrop-dart testing machine for impact tests with climatic chamber for tests at temperature in the range from -40° to + 80°C
    • Energy range 06-1000 J, impacting mass 2 – 70 kg, max impact velocity 24 m/s
    • Specific fixtures according to the ASTM standard
    • Specific fixtures to make impact tests on small components
  5. Material testing machines.
    • Dartec AH100 testing machines with hydraulic actuation, 100 kN of maximum load
    • Zwich Z100 testing machines with mechanical actuation, 100 kN of maximum load
    • Fixtures and owen for tests at high temperature
    • Fixtures for four-point beding tests
    • Fixtures for plate bending, corresponding to the drop-dart test standard
    • Fixture for joint tests with different direction of the load application
  6. Equipments for the acquisition, conditioning, elaboration and analysis of the test data.
    • Acquisition board, elaboration and data analysis systems
    • Accelerometers and load cells
    • Camera with high frame rate (up to 1 million fps)
  7. Equipment for the impact test of the pedestrian head against the vehicle bonnet according to the  EuroNCAP standard
    • Modular equipment for positioning and launching of the specific  head-form
    • Particularly designed Head-form able to measure both linear (3D) and rotational head accelerations