Engineering in surgery

Experimental and multibody analysis

Hip luxation, pelvis fracture fixation and study of the double pelvic osteotomy in veterinary surgery.

Digital Mock-up (DMU)

Bone-stem interface surface evaluation

Experimental evaluation of osteointegration

Titanium vs ceramics

Kinematics study of knee joint

Identification of landmarks from CT images


Dental biomechanics

Computer Aided Surgery(dental prostheses and implants) from the evaluation and reconstruction of the bone/tissue structures to the surgical planning, passing through the optimization of the bone-implant system and the functional examination through rapid-prototyping.


Evaluation of abutment-crown retrievability in dental implants

  • influence of cement type and implant geometry;
  • mechanical characterization of dental luting agents

In vitro and in vivo structural analysis of dental implants