Cardiovascular devices

Cardiovascular pathologies are among the first causes of dead and morbidity worldwide. Our research group has developed nanoscale surface modifications and drug reservoirs to prevent blood-clot formation on coronary stents, thus promoting tissue healing.


"Biological evaluation of materials for cardiovascular application: the role of the short-term inflammatory response in endothelial regeneration”, F.Boccafoschi, C. Mosca, I. Carmagnola, M.Ramella, V. Chiono , G. Ciardelli , M. Cannas J Biomed Mater Res Part A 2013:101A:3131–3140.

We have also developed porous matrices and injectable hydrogels able to sustain cardiac tissue regeneration through biomolecule release and/or cell encapsulation.

"Polyurethane-based scaffolds for myocardial tissue engineering”Valeria Chiono, Mozetic Pamela, Boffito Monica, Susanna Sartori, Emilia Gioffredi, Antonella Silvestri, Alberto Rainer, Sara Giannitelli, Marcella Trombetta, Daria Nurzynska, Franca Di Meglio, Clotilde Castaldo, Rita Miraglia, Stefania Montagnani, Gianluca Ciardelli, Interface Focus, 2014 vol. 4.