European Projects


The KRISTAL Project is an Integrated Project enclosed in the Sixth Frawework Programme of the European Union, within the thematic priority Nanotechnologies and nano-sciences, knowledge-based multifunctional materials and new production processes and devices. The project started on October 1st 2005 and has a duration of four years. Its main objective is to develop innovative coating & surfacing techniques and associated modelling tools that can be integrated as a main design criteria of sealing & sliding systems using rubber-like materials.
Main partners:
TRW Automotive (Project Coordinator), Camozzi, CRF, MFF, IVW, VITO, BHR, IDS (IFM), IMD-BUTE, ITA, HEF, Technion, Nanotec, CH-Catelsa, Surtec, EADS, MP, Liebherr, Tekniker, ICMM/CSIC, UMU


MODBRAKE stands for Innovative Modular Brake Concepts for the Integrated European High-Speed Railway System. This project officially started on 1st June 2006 and will last 30 months.
MODBRAKE aims at contributing to the practical implementation of interoperability of railway systems across Europe by addressing brake system performance. The project follows the vision and approach of the Integrated Project MODTRAIN, which started in February 2004.
Main partners:
ALMA Consulting Group, Alstom Transport SA, Ansaldobreda Spa, Bombardier Transportation GmbH, DB - Deutsche Bahn AG, Faiveley Transport, Knorr-Bremse Systeme für Schienenfahrzeuge GmbH, Siemens Transport Systems, SNCF - Societé des Chemins de Fer Français, Instytut Pojazdów Szynowych TABOR, Technische Universität Berlin / ILS, Trenitalia Spa, UIC - Union Internationale des Chemins de Fer, UNIFE - Association of European Railway Industries