Solid and fluid biomechanics

Bioengineering has a long and proud history first at the Department of Mechanics and then, from few years, at the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace of Politecnico di Torino.

The activity of the Solid & Fluid Biomechanics Group started in 1978 and was since devoted to both education and research.

In the eighties the know-how of the Group was chiefly based on structural mechanics and investigations mostly regarded biomechanics and prostheses applications.

From those times, the increasing request by biomedical industry and health institutions for support in research and development of new products and services, determined a constant growth of the group and its finalization to new fields of research and to technology transfer for innovation and development.

Today, the Group’s research issues are mainly related to

  • Biological materials and structures mechanics;
  • Engineering in surgery (Computational Aided Surgery CAS and experimental structural analysis);
  • Cardiovascular biofluid mechanics;
  • Bioreactors for tissue engineering and Regenerative medicine and Transport phenomena;
  • Multiscale and  multiphysics modelling;
  •  Forensic biomechanics.

The educational activity is centred on the Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate Diplomas in Biomedical Engineering and in the present Doctorate Diploma in Bioengineering and Medical-Surgical Sciences at the Politecnico di Torino, and in lectures and courses held in Medicine and Surgery Faculty in Torino.

The research activity of the Group is supported by regional, national, european, and international programs in cooperation with excellent research centers and institutions all over the world.

The Laboratory of Biomechanics situated in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace of Politecnico di Torino hosts a relevant part of the research work, being the rest run in cooperation with partner laboratories and institutions.

Research areas