MUL2 (MULtilayered structures and MULtifield analyses)

The MUL2 is a research group led by Prof. Erasmo Carrera of Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Politecnico di Torino, Torino, Italy. The MUL2 research activity aims at the development of advanced structural models for MULtilayered structures with particular attention given to MULtifield analysis and fluid-structure interaction. Over the last decade, MUL2 has proposed 1D and 2D variable kinematic models based on theCarrera UnifiedFormulation(CUF) for the static, free vibration, dynamic response, buckling, failure, and aeroelastic analysis of structures made of isotropic, composite, piezoelectric and functionally graded materials. CUF is a powerful hierarchical tool to build easily and compare different higher-order theories. In fact, the expansion order of the model, i.e. its accuracy, is a free parameter of the analysis. Recently,Carrera Unified Formulationhas been exploited to develop refined reduced order models also for fluid dynamics.

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