The DExpiLab Project is directed to students and professors of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering courses.

It offers a list of didactical experimental activities to deepen the knowledge of basic mechanics topics.

In particular experimental validation of theory topics taught in classes and on aspects related to experimental measurements: linearity and repeateability of measurements, calibration and zeroing of measuring devices, differences between ideal and real constraints.

The experimental activities are guided and described in detail and the students can operate autonomously, in a dedicated room with dedicated facilities. A tutor will be present in the room to help in case of need.

Instructions for the experimental activities and short theoretical descriptions will be available, with the analytical references required to run the experiments.

After the professor selects the experimental activities to be run, the students can book in a calendar available in their own Politecnico web page.

 At the end of the experimental activity, the students will fill a short report form which will be available to the professors via web.

The activities last about 2 hours.

Instructions are available in Italian and in English.

For information and booking: