Category: Seminars and Conferences
State: Current
May - June 2021

Doctorate Research in Mechanical Engineering - "Fundamentals of Fluid Film Lubrication" - prof. Federico Colombo

The course introduces to the fundamentals of fluid film lubrication. After the derivation of the equations which describe the principles of lubrication, particular attention will be made on journal bearings.
Each lesson will involve an interactive part, in which students will be encouraged to develop simple scripts in Matlab language to better understand the proposed topics.
The course will be proposed in the online modality on BBB.

Course programme

  • tuesday 11/05, 9-12
    • Introduction, lubrication regimes, lubricant properties
    • Derivation of Reynolds equation
  • tuesday 18/05, 9-12
    • Physical meaning of terms of Reynolds equation
    • 1D taper slider and thermal considerations
    • Proposed exercise in Matlab:
      • plot pressure distribution, flow rate, load capacity and shear stress
      • design the 1D taper slider with thermal effect
  • tuesday 25/05, 9-12
    • Kinematics of journal bearing and fluid film forces
    • Short JB model with p film cavitation model
    • Proposed exercise in Matlab:
      • analysis of steady state motion, pure radial squeeze motion and pure tangential squeeze motion
  • tuesday 01/06, 9-12
    • Stiffness and damping coefficients for the short JB
    • Proposed exercise in Matlab: t.b.d.
  • tuesday 08/06, 9-12
    • Stability analysis
    • Imbalance response
    • Proposed exercise in Matlab: t.b.d.

Students will asked to prepare a short report on the proposed Matlab exercises.
The credits will be assigned after an oral discussion on the report.
A minimum of 3 presences is requested to obtain credits.