Pubblicazioni piĆ¹ recenti

Mancini, Mauro; Capello, Elisa (2022)
Reaching law-based SMC for spacecraft applications with actuators constraints. In: IEEE CONTROL SYSTEMS LETTERS, vol. 6, pp. 2036-2041. ISSN 2475-1456
Mancini, M.; Capello, E. (2021)
Adaptive Sliding Mode-based Control System for Flexible Spacecraft. In: 2021 American Control Conference, ACC 2021, usa, 2021, pp. 2968-2973. ISSN 0743-1619. ISBN: 978-1-6654-4197-1
Mancini, M.; Capello, E.; Punta, E. (2020)
Sliding Mode Control with Chattering Attenuation and Hardware Constraints in Spacecraft Applications. In: IFAC World Congress 2020, pp. 5147-5152. ISSN 2405-8963
Mancini, Mauro; Bloise, Nicoletta; Capello, Elisa; Punta, Elisabetta (2020)
Sliding Mode Control Techniques and Artificial Potential Field for Dynamic Collision Avoidance in Rendezvous Maneuvers. In: IEEE CONTROL SYSTEMS LETTERS, vol. 4, pp. 313-318. ISSN 2475-1456
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