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Giorgi, G.; Sirigu, S.; Bonfanti, M.; Bracco, G.; Mattiazzo, G. (2021)
Fast nonlinear Froude–Krylov force calculation for prismatic floating platforms: a wave energy conversion application case. In: JOURNAL OF OCEAN ENGINEERING AND MARINE ENERGY. ISSN 2198-6444 Download fulltext
Giorgi, G.; Bracco, G.; Mattiazzo, G. (2021)
NLFK4ALL: An Open-Source Demostration Toolbox for Computationally Efficient Nonlinear Froude-Krylov Force Calculations. In: 14th WCCM-ECCOMAS Congress, Virtuale (ex - Parigi), 11-15 Gennaio Download fulltext
Cottura, Lorenzo; Caradonna, Riccardo; Ghigo, Alberto; Novo, Riccardo; Bracco, Giovanni; ... (2021)
Dynamic Modeling of an Offshore Floating Wind Turbine for Application in the Mediterranean Sea. In: ENERGIES, vol. 14. ISSN 1996-1073 Download fulltext
Di Muro, A.; Sirigu, S. A.; Giorgi, G.; Gerboni, R.; Bracco, G.; Carpignano, A.; ... (2021)
Life Cycle Assessment for the ISWEC Wave Energy Device. In: The International Conference of IFToMM ITALY 2020: Advances in Italian Mechanism Science, pp. 515-523. ISSN 2211-0984. ISBN: 978-3-030-55806-2
Giorgi, Giuseppe; Davidson, Josh; Habib, Giuseppe; Bracco, Giovanni; Mattiazzo, ... (2020)
Nonlinear Dynamic and Kinematic Model of a Spar-Buoy: Parametric Resonance and Yaw Numerical Instability. In: JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, vol. 8. ISSN 2077-1312 Download fulltext
Fenu, B.; Attanasio, V.; Casalone, P.; Novo, R.; Cervelli, G.; Bonfanti, M.; Sirigu, S. ... (2020)
Analysis of a gyroscopic-stabilized floating offshore hybrid wind-wave platform. In: JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, vol. 8, pp. 1-21. ISSN 2077-1312 Download fulltext
Dafnakis, Panagiotis; Bhalla, Amneet Pal Singh; Sirigu, Sergej Antonello; Bonfanti, ... (2020)
Comparison of wave–structure interaction dynamics of a submerged cylindrical point absorber with three degrees of freedom using potential flow and computational fluid dynamics models. In: PHYSICS OF FLUIDS, vol. 32, pp. 093307-1-093307-20. ISSN 1070-6631 Download fulltext
Bonfanti, M.; Hillis, A.; Sirigu, S. A.; Dafnakis, P.; Bracco, G.; Mattiazzo, G.; ... (2020)
Real-time wave excitation forces estimation: An application on the ISWEC device. In: JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, vol. 8, pp. 1-30. ISSN 2077-1312 Download fulltext
Ghigo, A.; Cottura, L.; Caradonna, R.; Bracco, G.; Mattiazzo, G. (2020)
Platform optimization and cost analysis in a floating offshore wind farm. In: JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, vol. 8, pp. 1-26. ISSN 2077-1312 Download fulltext
Parrinello, Luca; Dafnakis, Panagiotis; Pasta, Edoardo; Bracco, Giovanni; ... (2020)
An adaptive and energy-maximizing control optimization of wave energy converters using an extremum-seeking approach. In: PHYSICS OF FLUIDS, vol. 32, pp. 1-22. ISSN 1070-6631 Download fulltext
Giorgi, Giuseppe; Gomes, Rui P. F.; Bracco, Giovanni; Mattiazzo, Giuliana (2020)
Effect of mooring line attachment point on parametrically excited motions and power extraction in the Spar-buoy OWC device. In: 4th International Conference on Renewable Energies Offshore (RENEW 2020), Lisbona (Portogallo), 12-15 October 2020, pp. 635-643. ISBN: 978-0-367-68131-9
Bonfanti, Mauro; Sirigu, Sergej Antonello; Giorgi, Giuseppe; Dafnakis, Panagiotis; ... (2020)
A passive control strategy applied to the iswec device: numerical modelling and experimental tests. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MECHANICS AND CONTROL, vol. 21. ISSN 1590-8844
Bonfanti, M.; Carapellese, F.; Sirigu, S. A.; Bracco, G.; Mattiazzo, G. (2020)
Excitation forces estimation for non-linear wave energy converters: A neural network approach. In: 21st IFAC World Congress 2020, deu, 2020, pp. 12334-12339. ISSN 2405-8963 Download fulltext
Beltrame, F.; Liboa, L.; Ruggeri, A.; Bracco, G.; Mattiazzo, G. (2020)
Development of a Velocity Prediction Program for a High Performance Eco Sustainable SKIFF Sailing Yacht. In: 2020 Global Oceans: Singapore - U.S. Gulf Coast, OCEANS 2020, Singapore (SGP), 2020, pp. 1-10. ISBN: 978-1-7281-5446-6
Pasta, Edoardo; Bracco, Giovanni; Mattiazzo, Giuliana (2020)
A Machine Learning Approach for Model-free Control of PeWEC. In: 2nd Italian Conference on Robotics and Intelligent Machines, Roma (Italy), 10-12 December 2020
Michetti, Vincenzo; Mattiazzo, Giuliana; Bracco, Giovanni; Carapellese, Fabio; Sirigu, ... (2019)
GENERATORE DI ENERGIA. N. brevetto: 102019000023280, propr. brevetto: 3 - Politecn. di Torino et al
Dafnakis, Panagiotis; Bonfanti, Mauro; Sirigu, Sergej A; Bracco, Giovanni; Mattiazzo, ... (2019)
A submerged point absorber wave energy converter for the Mediterranean Sea. In: European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference, Naples
Bracco, G.; Giorcelli, E.; Mattiazzo, G.; Marignetti, F.; Carbone, S.; Attaianese, C. (2011)
Design and experiments of linear tubular generators for the inertial sea wave energy converter. In: 3rd Annual IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition, ECCE 2011, Phoenix, AZ, usa, 2011, pp. 3864-3871. ISSN 2329-3721. ISBN: 978-1-4577-0542-7
Bracco, Giovanni; Giorcelli, Ermanno; Mattiazzo, Giuliana; Tedeschi, Elisabetta; ... (2011)
Control Strategies for the ISWEC Wave Energy System. In: ETWEC 2011
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