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September 21- 22 2023

First International "Workshop on Refined Zigzag Theory" and "Workshop on inverse Finite Element Method, Shape, and Load Sensing"

Ground-floor - DIMEAS - Corso Einaudi 42 - Politecnico di Torino

Since the initial publications of inverse Finite Element Method (iFEM) in 2003 and Refined Zigzag Theory (RZT) in 2007, there has been an increased interest in these advanced computational technologies which address fundamental issues of Structural Health Monitoring/Management using iFEM for shape and stress sensing and damage identification. Additionally, these technologies have been applied to the analysis and design of advanced composite and sandwich structures, including efficient modeling of delaminations through effective application of RZT.

Currently, many research efforts are underway at various international universities and research centers in the fields of iFEM and RZT. These practically important computational technologies constitute the top 2% of all research documented on

The workshops aim to create a friendly and constructive environment for further collaboration and advancement.

Everyone being interested is warmly welcome to attend and is invited to contact to receive further details.