Ph.D POSTER DAY 2018 - Dottorato in Ingegneria Meccanica


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Anselma Pier Giuseppe

Prof. Giovanni Belingardi

Design and Control Methodologies for Electrified and Intelligent Vehicles

Transportation electrification currently represents a paradigm shift towards more efficient, less polluting and safer vehicles. The urgent need for evolution arises not only concerning the vehicle architecture itself, but includes related control strategies and design procedures as well. This research activity consequently aims at investigating novel approaches for designing the next generation of electrified and connected road vehicles. Control strategies are first presented as fundamental element for electrified vehicles. Not only they need proper development to maximize the fuel and energy economy in the actual operation of the vehicle, but also they play a key role in the correspondent powertrain design. A large design space is subsequently considered for hybrid electric vehicles illustrating the related exploration challenges for identifying optimal designs. Finally, considering a connected mobility scenario is presented as an opportunity to investigate novel control strategies and develop innovative design methodologies for vehicle systems.

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Augello Riccardo

Prof. Erasmo Carrera

Advanced and nonlocal theories for the multi-scale/multi-field analysis of structures are developed by adopting the Carrera Unified Formulation (CUF), in order to implement refined kinematics in the analyses and to take into account local and global effects due to large displacements and rotations.

The poster shows an introduction of geometrical nonlinear equations and the micropolar elasticity in the CUF framework, along with the results obtained.

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Babaei Imam

Prof. Erasmo Carrera

Prof. Giovanni Belingardi

Structural Testing of Composite Structures

Building Block Approach is developed to have test program for structural testing of composites that will provide maximum occupant protection through better crashworthiness.

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Bonfanti Mauro

Prof.ssa Giuliana Mattiazzo

Design and study of a demonstration plant of a high efficiency hydraulic PTO (Power Take-Off) system for renewable energy devices in isolated grid/networks

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Boursier Niutta Carlo

Prof. Giovanni Belingardi

Residual mechanical properties evaluation and design of composite structures under crash impacts

Residual mechanical properties are evaluated after loading and damaging in order to properly design composite structures under crash impacts

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Chander Divyaksh Subhash

Prof. ssa Maria Pia Cavatorta

Exoskeleton Design: Evaluation of effectiveness through musculoskeletal modeling.

Biomechanical analysis of a passive exoskeleton for the lower limb has been performed. The poster describes initial results, current challenges and future direction.

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Dafnakis Panagiotis

Prof.ssa Giuliana Mattiazzo

Energia del moto ondoso, tecnologia del energie rinnovabili
Wave Energy, Renewable Energy Technologies

A submerged point absorber for the Mediterranean Sea. In order to design and test the performance of the device in different situations, a mathematical model based on the Cummins Equations.

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Dimauro Luca

Prof. Elvio Bonisoli –

Prof. Federico Millo

An integrated multi-modelling and experimental approach to powertrain NVH

Analysis of NVH performance on powertrain applications: modelling of a DCT gearbox and design
with multi-objective optimisation of a magnetic gear for hybrid vehicle application.

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Fallahi Nasim

Prof. Erasmo Carrera

Dr. Alfonso Pagani

The new aircraft programs, such as the Airbus A350XWB, contain more than 50% by weight of composites. Also, advanced composite materials are well established in space applications. Nowadays, the new technologies, such as Automated Fibre Placement (AFP) brought to the emergence of a new class of composite materials; namely, the Variable Angle Tow (VAT) composites.
Development of higher-order structural models for VATs, developed by advanced models for the mechanical study of VAT using the Carrera Unified Formulation (CUF). In particular, the CUF was used to implement models that could describe the behaviour of curvilinear fibre composites. In the first case, a "layer-wise" approach was used, according to which each layer of the VAT laminate is discretized independently using Lagrangian-like polynomial expansions in thickness. This methodology has therefore been used to characterize simple VAT panels both in terms of static response (calculation of strains and stress fields) and free frequencies to vibrate.

Advanced structural theories in VAT laminates: -The design space improved, due to steered tows are used. - They are necessary to describe complex mechanics inherent to VAT.

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Garg Ravin

Prof. Erasmo Carrera

Prof. Giovanni Belingardi

Design of crashworthy automotive
composite structures

The research is aimed at improving the crashworthiness of composite transportation structures in order to increase passenger safety and reduce emissions.

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Gentile Rocco

Prof. Massimo Sorli

Advanced Diagnostic
Of Electro-Hydraulic
Flight Control Systems

In the next decades, Electro-Hydraulic Servo-Actuators (EHSA) will still be considered as the most reliable technology for primary and secondary flight control systems. For both passengers and cargo fleet, maintenance operations of these units will be still a consistent part of the total aircraft overhaul. For this reason, the development of Advanced Diagnostic System for Failure Recognition in EHSA is of great interest in Maintenance Repairing and Overhaul (MRO) market. This research topic constitutes the basis for an advanced PHM system for the estimation of the Remaining Useful Life (RUL) of fly-by-wire EHSA flight control systems.
One of the key features of this research topic is the implementation of an Intelligent Diagnostic system. This task requires three fundamental steps: design of an efficient and reliable diagnostic procedure, collection of useful information for building a Historical Maintenance Database, implementation of Failure Recognizer which is able to detect the correct failure through the comparison between collected data and historical information.

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Melchiorre Matteo

Prof Stefano Mauro

Robotica Collaborativa - Collaborative Robotics

“Human-Robot Interaction: Collaborative Robotics driven by Vision Systems”

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Nagaraj Manish Hassan

Prof Erasmo Carrera,

Dr Marco Petrolo

Analisi di strutture in materiale composito mediante modelli avanzati

Analysis of composite structures via advanced models

Development of high-fidelity models for the nonlinear and impact analysis of composite structures using advanced structural theories via the Carrera Unified Formulation.

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Ossola Enrico

Prof. Eugenio Brusa

Progettazione meccanica, costruzione e caratterizzazione sperimentale di sistemi multifunzionali
Mechanical design, construction and testing of multi-functional systems

An integrated thermo-mechanical shell for Venus exploration has been investigated. The activity involved the mechanical design, fabrication and testing of sub-scale components.

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Riccobono Dario

Prof. Giancarlo Genta

Sistemi robotici per l’esplorazione spaziale.
Space exploration robotic systems.

Modellazione dell’interazione strumento-suolo e della dinamica di materiali granulari per il campionamento di superficie in bassa gravità nell’esplorazione planetaria.
EN: Tool-soil interaction & granular material dynamics modeling for low gravity surface sampling in planetary exploration.

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Saeed Zeehan

Prof. ssa Teresa Berruti
Prof. Christian Firrone

Numerical and Experimental Forced Response of Mistuned Blaked-disks with Friction Dampers"

A frequency based sub-structuring method is applied on two beams to identify interface parameters to be extended to bladed-disks to identify contact mistuning parameters.

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Sisca Lorenzo

Ing. Massimiliana Carello

Sviluppo componenti innovativi per il settore Automotive in ottica NVH e Lightweight
Oeve/opment of innovative Automotive components in view of NVH and Lightweight

Integrazione di materiali compositi innovativi in componenti automotive, con una duplice funzionalità: elevato smorzamento e capacità di adesione.

Integration of innovative composite materials in automotive components, with a dual function: high damping and adhesion capacity.

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Tamatam Lakshminarayana Reddy

Prof. Stefano Zucca
Prof. Daniele Botto

Effect of wear on the dynamics of structures with friction contacts

To develop and validate models to predict the effect of wear on the dynamics of contact surfaces. The validated models to be embedded in non-linear solvers for forced response.

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Tessari Federico

Prof. Andrea Tonoli

Actuation Systems Design & Active Prosthetic Devices - Progettazione di Sistemi di Attuazione & Sistemi Protesici Attivi

The addressed research topic is the actuation in lower limb prosthetic devices. Specifically, the design of an Electro-Hydrostatic actuator for a Knee Prosthesis.

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ore 13.30 – 16.00



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Anastasio Dario

Prof. Stefano Marchesiello

Dinamica strutturale non-lineare, nonlinear structural dynamics

Modelling and experimental identification of dynamical beam structures exhibiting a nonlinear behavior. Focus on railway contact lines and geometrically nonlinear structures.

Poster application/pdf (2,20 MB) Relazione application/pdf (1,17 MB)

Bertolino Antonio Carlo

Prof. Massimo Sorli

Prognostic of flight control actuators

High-fidelity models of EHSA and of the ball screw of EMAs have been created to enhance the reliability of primary flight control actuators by means of prognostics.

Poster application/pdf (2,68 MB) Relazione application/pdf (1,00 MB)

Bruzzone Fabio

Prof. Carlo Rosso

Dinamica di ruote dentate (Gear dynamics)

This poster presents the ongoing activity on gear dynamics. Coupled nonlinear thin rings, an optimization approach and a nonlinear contact software are shown.

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Castellanos Molina Luis Miguel

Prof. Andrea Tonoli

Sensing and Control Solutions for Active Magnetic Bearings

The poster presents the ongoing work and research contributions in the fields of control, identification and sensing solutions for Active Magnetic Bearings (AMB).

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Cerutti Juan José

Prof. Gaetano Iuso

Aerodinamica Sperimentale – Experimental Aerodynamics

A bluff-body with a squared rear part was analyzed through wind tunnel experiments, studying the
performance of an Active Flow Control (AFC) system in terms of Drag Reduction (DR) and energy budget (ζ),
this last expressing the ratio between energy gain in DR and the energy spent by the AFC. Four rectangular
jets on the rear trailing edges compose the AFC. The non-controlled condition was analyzed in time and
frequency fields, evidencing a peak of energy at 6Hz (Strouhal= 0.13). The continuous blowing forcing
evidences a drag reduction and a reduction of the energy around the Strouhal frequency, highlighting the
effect of the blowing over the wake’s dynamics. The pulsed blowing with squared waveform, varying the
frequency and duty cycle, only evidences further drag reduction regarding the continuous-blowing case for
the bottom jet and around the Strouhal frequency of the model. Future research includes Particle Image
Velocimetry (PIV) and the development of a control law for a Feedback AFC

Poster application/pdf (2,09 MB) Relazione application/pdf (24,83 kB)

De Benedictis Carlo

Prof. Carlo Ferraresi

Interazione uomo-macchina (Human-machine interaction)

The research focused on the design of an automatic system for postural control analysis and the definition of experimental procedures for the in-vivo joints kinematic analysis.

Poster application/pdf (1,14 MB) Relazione application/pdf (124,91 kB)

Panero Elisa

Ing. Laura Gastaldi

Sviluppo e progettazione di un esoscheletro attivo per il supporto del tronco durante task industriali

Sviluppo di modello multibody di uomo ed esoscheletro, calcolo dei carichi biomeccanici sull’utente per l’ottimizzazione di parametri caratterizzanti il contributo di supporto. Presentazione attività svolte e sviluppi futuri.

Poster application/pdf (1,61 MB)

Relazione application/pdf (1,29 MB)

Pourkiaee S. Mehrdad

Prof. Stefano Zucca

Nonlinear Dynamics of Mistuned Bladed Disks with Friction
Contacts: Development of Reduced Order Models

Motivated by the turbomachinery community’s need, new reduction techniques for nonlinear forced response of mistuned bladed disks with friction contacts is presented.

Poster application/pdf (1,72 MB) Relazione application/pdf (310,24 kB)

Scimmi Leonardo Sabatino

Prof. Stefano Mauro

Sviluppo di una metodologia per la collaborazione tra uomo e robot basata su sistemi di visione per la robotica collaborativa.

Metodologie per lo sviluppo di modalità di interazione tra uomo e robot basate su sistemi di motion capture e risultati sperimentali.

Poster application/pdf (1,12 MB) Relazione application/pdf (84,32 kB)

Vergori Elena

Prof. Aurelio Somà

Li -ion pouch cells instrumentation and monitoring

In EVs there is the need to improve the knowledge on cells behavior in working conditions. The use of internal sensors to monitor additional quantities is proposed in this work.

Poster application/pdf (1,08 MB) Relazione application/pdf (994,26 kB)