Pubblicazioni piĆ¹ recenti

Troise, Mario; Gaidano, Matteo; Palmieri, Pierpaolo; Mauro, Stefano (2021)
Preliminary Analysis of a Lightweight and Deployable Soft Robot for Space Applications. In: APPLIED SCIENCES, vol. 11. ISSN 2076-3417 Download fulltext
Palmieri, P.; Melchiorre, M.; Scimmi, L. S.; Pastorelli, S.; Mauro, S. (2021)
Human Arm Motion Tracking by Kinect Sensor Using Kalman Filter for Collaborative Robotics. In: The Third International Conference of IFToMM ITALY, ONLINE, 9-11 September 2020, pp. 326-334. ISSN 2211-0984. ISBN: 9783030558062
Ricci, Luca; Palmieri, Pierpaolo; Ruberto, Angela Giulia; Rocchetti, Leonardo; Timossi, ... (2020)
Incentivizing sustainable mobility through an impact innovation methodology. In: CERN IDEASQUARE JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL INNOVATION, vol. 4, pp. 25-29. ISSN 2413-9505 Download fulltext
Scarcia, Michael; Palmieri, Pierpaolo; Pastorelli, Stefano; Mauro, Stefano (2019)
Grasping Mechanism Concepts Oriented to Debris for Removal Applications. In: 70th International Astronautical Congress, IAC 2019, Washington D.C. (USA), 21-25 October 2019 Download fulltext
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