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Pubblicazioni più recenti

Cestino, E.; Frulla, G.; Polla, A.; Nicolosi, G. (2022)
EQUIVALENT MATERIAL IDENTIFICATION IN COMPOSITE SCALED HULLS VERTICAL IMPACT TESTS. In: International Symposium on Dynamic Response and Failure of Composite Materials, Ischia, Naples, Italy, 21-24 June, 2022
Marconi, Leonardo; Hwang, Yong-Ha; Han, Jae-Hung; Frulla, Giacomo; Cestino, Enrico (2022)
Energy-absorbing origami structure for crashworthiness design. In: SPIE Smart Structures + Nondestructive Evaluation, 2022, 6-10 march 2022, Long Beach, California, United States., Long Beach, California, United States., 6-10 March 2022, pp. 1-9
Bisagni, C.; Raimondo, A.; Atanasovska, I.; Milic, M.; Troian, R.; Frulla, G.; Polla, ... (2022)
Comparison of numerical analyses of a composite wing component subjected to 4-point bending. In: COMPOSITES. PART C, OPEN ACCESS. ISSN 2666-6820
Polla, Alessandro; Piana, Paolo; Cestino, Enrico; Frulla, Giacomo (2021)
Delamination and fracture modeling techniques for shell composite structures in LS-DYNA. In: 13th European LS-DYNA Conference 2021, Ulm (Germany), 5,6 October 2021
Frulla, Giacomo (2021)
Simplified procedure for damage-oriented evaluation of a stiffened panel with skin-stringer de-bonding in preliminary design stage. In: AERONAUTICS AND AEROSPACE OPEN ACCESS JOURNAL, vol. 5, pp. 95-101. ISSN 2576-4500
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