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Colombo, M.; Luraghi, G.; Cestariolo, L.; Ravasi, M.; Airoldi, A.; Chiastra, C.; ... (2020)
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Rigatelli, G.; Zuin, M.; Chiastra, C.; Burzotta, F. (2020)
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Corti, Anna; Chiastra, Claudio; Colombo, Monika; Garbey, Marc; Migliavacca, Francesco; ... (2020)
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Morris, Paul D.; Gosling, Rebecca; Rothman, Alex; Iqbal, Javaid; Chiastra, Claudio; ... (2020)
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DE NISCO, Giuseppe; Hoogendoorn, Ayla; Kok, Annette; Chiastra, Claudio; Gallo, Diego; ... (2019)
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Luraghi, G.; Migliavacca, F.; Chiastra, C.; Rossi, A.; Reimers, B.; Stefanini, G. G.; ... (2019)
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Zun, P. S.; Narracott, A. J.; Chiastra, C.; Gunn, J.; Hoekstra, A. G. (2019)
Location-Specific Comparison Between a 3D In-Stent Restenosis Model and Micro-CT and Histology Data from Porcine In Vivo Experiments. In: CARDIOVASCULAR ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, vol. 10, pp. 568-582. ISSN 1869-408X Download fulltext
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