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Montalbano, G.; Toumpaniari, S.; Popov, A.; Duan, P.; Chen, J.; Dalgarno, K.; Scott, W. ... (2018)
Synthesis of bioinspired collagen/alginate/fibrin based hydrogels for soft tissue engineering. In: MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING. C, BIOMIMETIC MATERIALS, SENSORS AND SYSTEMS, vol. 91, pp. 236-246. ISSN 0928-4931 Download fulltext
Ana Marina Ferreira; Irene Carmagnola; Valeria Chiono; Piergiorgio Gentile; Letizia ... (2013)
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Multifunctional Nanocoatings Based On Biomimetic Collagen Type I For Bone Tissue Engineering Applications. relatore: Prof. Gianluca Ciardelli, 25. XXV, P.: 263
Monica Boffito; Anna Maria Di Rienzo; Susanna Sartori; Antonella Silvestri; Ettore ... (2013)
Polyurethane-based Scaffolds for the Regeneration of the Infarcted Myocardial Tissue.. In: Congresso SIB 2013, Baveno, 3-5 Giugno 2013
S. Caddeo; A.M. Ferreira; A. Silvestri; F. Baino; C. Vitale-Brovarone; G. Ciardelli (2013)
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S. Caddeo; A.M. Ferreira; A. Silvestri; F. Baino; C. Vitale-Brovarone; G. Ciardelli (2013)
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R. J. González-Paz; G. Lligadas; J. C. Ronda ;M. Galià; A. M. Ferreira; F. ... (2013)
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Monica Boffito; Anna Maria Di Rienzo; Susanna Sartori; Antonella Silvestri; Ettore ... (2012)
Polyurethane-based Scaffolds for the Regeneration of Anisotropic Tissues. In: E-MRS 2012 Fall Meeting, Varsavia (Polonia), 17-21 settembre 2012
Chiono V.;Silvestri A.; Boffito M.; Ferreira A.M.; Di Rienzo A.M.; Mattu C.; Bernardi ... (2012)
Polyurethane-based scaffolds for soft tissue engineering. In: GNB 2012, Roma, 26-29 giugno 2012
Chiono V.; Carmagnola I.; Ferreira A.M.; Abrigo M.; Boccafoschi F.; Ciardelli G. (2012)
Layer-by-layer as a tool to tailor the surface properties of biomedical devices. In: GNB 2012, Roma, 26-29 giugno 2012
Ferreira A.M.; Gentile P.; Chiono V.; Ciardelli G. (2012)
Collagen for bone tissue regeneration. In: ACTA BIOMATERIALIA, vol. 8, pp. 3191-3200. ISSN 1742-7061
Rodolfo J. González-Paz; Gerard Lligadas; Juan C. Ronda; Marina Galià; Ana M. ... (2012)
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Ana Marina Ferreira; Karem Noris-Suarez; Gianluca Ciardelli (2012)
The Influence of Proteoglycans on Collagen Properties. In: 5th Freiberg Collagen Symposium, Freiberg (Germany)
I. Carmagnola; V. Chiono; A.M. Ferreira; M. Abrigo; F. Boccafoschi; G. Ciardelli (2012)
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Ferreira A. M.; Mattu C.; Carmagnola I.; Chiono V.; Ciardelli G. (2011)
Collagen-heparin layer-by-layer nanocoatings incorporating nanoparticles for drug release. In: World Conference on Regenerative Medicine, Lipsia (Germania), 2-4 novembre) 2011
Ferreira A.M.; Chiono V.; Gentile P.; Burchielli S.; Noris-Suarez K.; Ciardelli G. (2010)
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Gentile P.; Baino F.; Chiono V.; Tonda-Turo C.; Boccafoschi F.; Ferreira Duarte A.M.; ... (2010)
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Chiono V.; Gentile P.; Carmagnola I.; Ferreira Duarte A.M.; Boccafoschi F.; Toncheva V.; ... (2010)
Chitosan based photozymes switching on bone-like apatite deposition. In: Termis EU, Galway
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