Laboratory areas / dedicated equipment-facilities(acquired by the group)

The group operates in an experimental dedicated space in the Laboratory of Mechanical Engineering of Politecnico. Over time the group has acquired specific equipment such as:

  • Acquisition System LMS SCADAS III 16 channel PQMA
  • Acquisition System Real Time Compact RIO-9024 8-channel
  • Triaxial accelerometers, mechanical hammer, microphone
  • Portable durometer Sauter HMO Type D
  • Test bench for bicycle forks (front load, lateral, vertical, torsion)
  • Recumbent cycle-ergometer with variable posture
  • Power meter to the wheel Lemond Revolution for cycling
  • Instrumented pedals Look Keo Power for power measurement with cycle-computer Polar CS600X
  • Pocket weather meter Kestrel 3500 (wind, temperature, pressure, humidity, altitude)
  • GPS Data Logger 5 Hz Qstarz BT-Q1000eX
  • Spoking bench (with tension-meter) and centesimal centring for bicycle wheels